The Blue Guard Story

My name is Ken Karlin, Co-Founder and CEO, and this is the story of the creation of Blue Guard Technologies.

On November 18, 2013 Anne, 82, became a statistic. On average, 430 people die each year as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning and Anne is one of them.

She came home from grocery shopping and drove her car into her attached garage as she had done on hundreds of occasions. Only this time she forgot to turn the engine off and the car continued to run as the garage door closed. Anne entered her home and unpacked the groceries she had just purchased. As time passed, the car continued running, slowly filling Anne’s home with odorless, colorless, and highly poisonous carbon monoxide. Anne had no idea the silent killer was claiming her life as it entered her lungs with every breath.

Anne went to sleep that night and never woke up. She died even though her home was equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. It is assumed the detector did its job and sounded but Anne never heard it or woke up.

Anne was my close friend Jon’s mother. I was shocked by the news of her death and even more confounded by the fact that so many people lose their life each year to this silent killer. I was equally stunned to learn that there is nothing in the way of modern technology to prevent these tragedies.

I scoured the Internet in search of some device or equipment that could be employed to prevent the tremendous loss of life each year attributed to this deadly poison.


As an engineer I started to attack the problem in search of a solution.

Blue Guard Technologies was born.

The basic idea was the creation of a system that would not simply detect the presence of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide but rather be proactive. Through electronic intelligence and action, our solution stops the further production of carbon monoxide at the source by shutting down the vehicle’s engine.

Although I am an engineer I am not an electrical engineer. I needed to find someone who had the design capability and skill to make my design a reality. I was lucky enough to find Theodore (Ted) Economy Co-Founder and CTO.

Ted has architected, managed and actively participated in the complete technology development life cycle of many industry leading, supply chain, business, science, and web based systems for companies such as Kohl’s Department Stores, Fresh Direct, Honeywell, Roche Pharmaceuticals, B. Braun Biotech, Lutron Electronics, AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Services) and many others.

He has been granted numerous U.S. patents in Internet transaction processing, electronics, health care and consumer products. Ted has also been awarded two Ben Franklin Technology Partnership Grants for technological and entrepreneurial innovation.

Together Ted and I formed Blue Guard Technologies and created a series of products that have the ability to react to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, from any source, be it auto, portable generators, or home heating systems. Once activated, our products take intelligent action to shut down the source of carbon monoxide.

In addition, all of these product designs feature remote monitoring and emergency service notification capabilities.

Our mission is to save the hundreds of lives each year that are being lost to carbon monoxide poisoning.
Blue Guard Technologies

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